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About Us


About Us

We don’t offer formula solutions – we hear your story.

We specialize in technology, and have a true fondness for software, AI, cloud, AR/VR, chips, security, biotech, storage, hardware, and more…if bits and bytes are involved, we’re your team. We are passionate about how technology is applied, making businesses operate better, improving the quality of life and expanding what can be done.

Our track record of success ranges from start-ups to billion-dollar enterprises – and everything in between. We have a history of delivering results and our clients are repeat clients…not just once but often many times over.

We are very skilled at our discipline, and we know how to get things done and done well. We are small and highly effective. We challenge you, we encourage you and we bring an outside perspective. When you hire Lages you are hiring a team that has been there and done it. No guesswork.


Our mantra sums it up:

Shaping perceptions and increasing market share through communications.

This translates to your success. We know once perceptions are on a positive track, awareness grows and market share is sure to follow.

We speak your language and connect with your audiences.

At Lages we take great pride in being an extension of your internal team and we thrive on knowing your company, technologies, solutions, and markets.

We are highly specialized.

We are a specialty agency that knows the tech industry inside and out. Simply put, we know how things work – from ecosystems, channels, and supply chains to R&D and bringing products to market. We know how chips are made, how software is beta tested and how new protocols affect development. Just for starters.



Welcome to our world of connections.

At Lages, we cater to a wide range of tech companies – from groundbreaking startups and ambitious challenger brands to industry giants.