Are You Ready for CES? It’s Countdown Time


*Cue music* “It’s the finallllll countdown!” Pause…you can breathe (we have good news). You’re not in the final moments yet – but with Q4 nipping at our heels, it’s definitely countdown time to CES 2018. There are only 16 weeks to pull together all the key elements you’ll need to make your CES a success.

We’ve outlined some of them here:

  • Product Launches
  • News Announcements
  • Messaging
  • Social Content
  • Pre-show Promotion
  • Awards
  • Media/Analyst Appointments
  • Show Coverage
  • Insider Suite Demos
  • Influencer relations
  • Campaign themes

While it may seem early to begin planning – getting a head start is critical to get in touch with media well before the show and also beat holiday vacations/shutdowns.

If you’re looking for a great PR and marketing partner to guide you through CES, you can’t beat Lages. We have a full spectrum of tech experience working alongside everyone from startups to billion dollar enterprises. Our years of experience will get you the media attention and analyst connections you are looking for. Leave it to Lages to make you the talk of the show!

Don’t procrastinate – reach out to us today to see how we can custom tailor a CES program suited to your company’s needs. Drop us an email to find out more:

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