AONDevices is a fabless semiconductor company specializing in super low-power, smart edge AI processors. Recognized for their ultra low-power smart edge AI processors for battery-powered “always on” devices, this start-up’s technology is licensed and used by tier-1 customers. AONDevices’ cutting-edge technology enables a hassle-free way to control wearables, hearables and smart home devices using only voice – with very low-power consumption. The company’s advanced acoustic event detection technology enables users to customize their device’s settings to recognize and classify specific sounds – such as sirens, breaking glass or alarms – thereby providing greater control over their environment.

Micas Networks

Micas Networks is taking a leading role in shaping the open networking ecosystem. Founded upon the principles that customer enablement is the driver for the global economy, Micas Networks is an open networking company focused on delivering network technology that is agile, reliable and cost effective. The company’s open networking products include whitebox switches that are powered by the flexible and robust SONiC network operating system, enabling enhanced customization and scalability.

Viking Enterprise Solutions

Viking Enterprise Solutions (VES) is a product division of Sanmina (Nasdaq: SANM), a Fortune 500 global company. Noted as a leading hardware storage manufacturer with strategic partnerships with top cloud service providers, VES provides advanced data center products including solid-state memory and disk-based storage server appliances, JBOD storage systems and other products for a variety of data center and storage applications. VES is building a channel strategy designed to support resellers with cloud solutions that will expand channel offerings and deliver value for a range of verticals including media/entertainment, video surveillance and HPC among others.

SiLC Technologies

SiLC Technologies is on a mission to help machines to see more like humans. Targeted to advance key applications including robotics, autonomous vehicles, biometrics, security and more, the limitations in current imaging capabilities have prevented this from happening – until now. SiLC is the missing link, providing solutions with longer range, greater resolution, more data and higher levels of integration. SiLC’s breakthrough chip integrates FMCW LiDAR with 4D vision sensors and offers a tiny footprint while addressing the need for low cost and low power. SiLC uses a proprietary silicon-based semiconductor fabrication process to manufacture its chips and standard, automated IC-style assembly processes, enabling robust, cost-effective and compact solutions. The transformative power of their coherent 4D imaging chips will open the door for a new era of smarter automation.


Semitech provides semiconductors that enables the transformation of the electricity grid into a smart grid. Specializing in narrowband powerline and wireless communication, their chips help to transform existing infrastructures into smart counterparts, reacting to conditions on the grid and implementing a worldwide communications network based on the existing power grid. Applications span from Industrial IoT, Smart Lighting, Transportation to Alternative Energy.


Pliops is a technology innovator focused on making databases run faster and more efficiently. Its technology addresses skyrocketing data volumes and solves the storage software inefficiency problem. The company’s intelligent storage processor is built upon a groundbreaking patent-pending approach that accelerates storage functions. Focused on creating the next wave of the accelerated data center, Pliops’ processor enables cloud and enterprise customers to access data up to one hundred times faster – using just a fraction of the computational load and power consumption. Investors include Softbank Ventures Asia, Intel Capital, Western Digital, NVIDIA and AMD.


MICLEDI, a fabless developer of microLED displays for the Augmented Reality market, has demonstrated the optimum approach for mass production of the microLEDs required for the stylish, compact, lightweight, realistic image-producing AR glasses of the future.

MICLEDI’s unique microLED design and 300mm manufacturing overcome the challenges associated with first- and second-generation AR glasses, addressing consumer demands such as display size, resolution, brightness, image quality, power consumption and cost. A spinoff of leading research and innovation hub IMEC, MICLEDI has leveraged this exclusive technology partnership to gain a competitive advantage and deliver a visually immersive AR experience.

KIOXIA America, Inc

KIOXIA America, Inc. (formerly Toshiba Memory America, Inc.) is the US-based subsidiary of KIOXIA Corporation, a leading worldwide supplier of flash memory and solid state drives (SSDs). From the invention of flash memory to today’s breakthrough BiCS FLASH™ 3D technology, KIOXIA continues to pioneer cutting-edge memory solutions and services that enrich people’s lives and expand society’s horizons. The company’s innovative 3D flash memory technology, BiCS FLASH™, is shaping the future of storage in high-density applications, including advanced smartphones, PCs, SSDs, automotive and data centers.

Finwave Semiconductor

Finwave Semiconductor is shaping the future through a new breakthrough transistor designed to optimize the potential of Gallium Nitride (GaN). Finwave’s advanced 3DGaN™ technology is the discovery of prominent MIT innovators who are focused on bringing the true potential of GaN to key industries including 5G, AI, cloud computing, and EV and autonomous vehicles. Creators of the first GaN FinFETs fabricated with 8” silicon CMOS tools, Finwave’s mmWave power amplifier technology is poised to serve as a catalyst of change to unlock the true potential of 5G communications.


Devolutions is on a mission to arm IT professionals and MSPs with the tools they need to enhance data security and improve productivity. The company’s suite of IT software solutions includes remote connection, password management and privileged access management. These solutions are cost-effective and easy to deploy, making them ideal for companies of all sizes – but particularly SMBs who often have limited resources and manpower. Devolutions’ solutions support more than 800,000 users in 140 countries across a range of industries.