Dancing in the Rain


No doubt these are unusual times. My natural life rhythm has been hijacked by a pandemic.

While I cannot ignore the enormity of this crisis and can’t help but be saddened by the toll it is taking, I have come to appreciate some of the good things that come from everyone being in the same boat.

Getting to Know You

I love getting to know our team and clients on a deeper level, and nothing helps that along better than everyone working from home. Somehow, all of the formalities of the business world seem to melt away. There was the day I was having a one-to-one Zoom video meeting with the president of one of our clients. While discussing some of the pressing items at hand, I had to pause and giggle as a cat tail appeared before his face. Ha! Yes, he has cats and the cats love him. Then there are the shared stories about family, pets and their habits, the apologies for children – singing, barging in, photo bombing Zoom, and always asking about food. There is the chiming of a grandfather clock, the consistent …hello, are you there as we sync up our voice connection, barking dogs, beeping devices, and all those things that shout ‘we are in a new normal!’

I do love our Monday team meetings. We all Zoom together and I get a kick out of seeing all of us stacked up on the monitor just like opening scene from the Brady Bunch! We are family…that is for sure!

Pivot – Time to go WFH

While working at home remotely is nothing new for me, I have relied upon my brick and mortar team to be my rock. Now, we are all in the same boat and learning to swim with the challenges of a totally online world. I am completely in awe of our team… they have made the remote adjustment with little trepidation. Our awesome IT consultant made sure we didn’t skip a beat. You just never completely know how good everyone is until the unknown happens.

Let’s Dance

Well – we are 30 plus days into our new virtual reality and all is well. I am grateful for my team, our clients, our supporters, our families and our good fortune to be well. Let’s see… I think I’ve got this. I can dance in the rain!

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