For Maximum Press Release Impact – Tap into Your MAP


Though the communications landscape has certainly shifted and evolved in recent years, we’re here to tell you that the press release is still alive and well – and a critical component of your marketing mix. From giving your company or product a boost in credibility to spreading the word about new offerings or positioning you as an industry expert – press releases have the power to persuade. But how much thought are you really putting into them? It takes careful planning to leverage their immense potential, while balancing the message and getting it packaged to meet your goals – and achieve maximum impact.

Let’s get going: The tips below will help ensure your next press release truly delivers. But whatever you do – don’t just throw words against the wall and hope they stick. You need to MAP out exactly where it is you want to go.

Here’s how to create your M.A.P.

  • Message: What do you want to say? This is where you determine the content for your news release and make a judgment on its merit, relevance and value to your company.
  • Audience: Who do you want to reach? Customers, prospects, investors, employees, community, channel partners, or industry players? What market segment or interest should the news release be tuned to?
  • Purpose: What is it you are trying to achieve? Are you promoting a product, seeking to elevate corporate stature, establishing a claim by going on record, generating attendance at an event, creating and becoming part of the discussion on a topic, setting the industry agenda, or other goal?


With your MAP spelled out, you’re on the road to communicating clearly. Be sure to keep these quick tips in mind:

  1. Less is More: Every word competes with every other word – and the more that is added, the more your message is diluted. The path to clear and concise writing is to use only the words needed. Extra adjectives and adverbs only slow down the pace of the narrative and can interfere with comprehension.
  2. Keep Brand Messaging in Mind: The whole point of establishing brand messaging is to have a framework to guide your communications to be a delivery mechanism for your brand. Press releases are among the most visible means to assert your brand voice.
  3. Don’t Overuse Jargon: While some press releases do call for technical jargon, avoid overusing it. Using simple, descriptive words that leave no doubt as to what you mean is by far the best policy.

A carefully crafted, targeted press release can pack a punch like no other. It’s also an extremely cost-effective way to share your story – and can get even better with time. When your releases are viewed collectively, over a period of time, your story just gets stronger and stronger. Now – start working on that MAP…Happy writing!

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