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Can Content Truly Drive Sales?

Absolutely. Consider the 95-5 rule, which suggests that at any given time, 95% of your target market isn’t actively seeking to make a purchase decision. So, what’s the solution? Should you only focus on the 5% actively in the market? While that might seem ideal, it’s akin to finding a needle in a haystack. Moreover, it often leads to short-term ‘buy now’ tactics that neglect long-term relationships.

The key is to cultivate trust and awareness through relevant and valuable content. Position your brand as the go-to source for insights and education, ensuring you remain top of mind. By playing the long game, you increase your chances of being on the shortlist when buying decisions are made. As the B2B Institute suggests, “If you wait until the buyer enters the market, it’s already too late. You need to prime the market far in advance.”

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