The Million Dollar Question: Where Does the Time Go?


Where does the time go? If you are anything like me, this is the million dollar question. My job is fast-paced – frenetic, even – and effectively managing my time is something that I struggle with at times. After all, and especially in the tech world, our communications channels seem to be multiplying daily (YikYak, anyone?) – creating a vortex of disruption. There is even something called ‘iDisorder’ – a “psychological disorder that appears to be either caused by or exacerbated by our relationship with media and technology.” Yikes.

Perhaps the solution resides somewhere in the problem itself? Turning to tech to help solve my tech-induced time management challenges – I found a couple pretty cool apps and tools to assist those of us who need a little help in our quest to be focused, efficient and effective on the job:

Timeful – this is an iOS app that claims to help you make the most of your time – and who doesn’t want that? Timeful integrates your calendar, to-do list, and “daily habits” and places them in one spot. It also offers suggestions on how to best utilize your time. The more you use Timeful, the more it gets to know you and adapt to how your time is spent. Download it on the Apple App Store.

StayFocusd – A ‘productivity extension’ for Google Chrome that helps you stay focused on work by restricting the amount of time you spend on distracting websites. Once you use your allotted time, you are blocked from that particular site for the remainder of the day. Sounds a bit extreme, but hey – whatever works! StayFocusd can be downloaded at the Chrome Web Store.

Attack the Open Space – Ok, so this has nothing to do with tech, but I read this on Forbes and found it helpful: The principal is that,whenever 5 minutes of time becomes free, ask yourself the following question: “What can I get done in the next five minutes?” By utilizing these 5 minute time frames, you might find yourself checking a few extra items off your daily to-do list.

There you have it – some tools to help tackle time management challenges and minimize distractions. Oops, I have to run, my phone is ringing…

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