Media Interviews Made Simple – 5 Tips for Success


Congratulations! You’ve got a media interview tomorrow! Are you ready?

The great news is you’ve finally got that interview you’ve been hoping for. Now, it’s time to get prepared as you’ve got one shot to nail this call and your preparation will make or break it.

Media interviews provide a unique opportunity to convey your message, shape public perception, and build your brand. However, stepping into the spotlight can be daunting without proper preparation. When your time has come, and you’ve got that interview on your schedule staring you down, tap into these helpful tips that will ensure interview success:

1) Know the Message You Want to Come Across

First and foremost, know your message inside and out. Before getting on that call write down the key points that you want to make and keep it focused. Trying to get too many points in will derail the interview and the call will end with you wishing you had said something else. Articulate your messages concisely and stop to ask the reporter if they have any questions. Speak slowly and repeat important points that you want to be sure have resonated.

2) Know the Reporter’s Audience

This is critical – Understanding the audience is as important as knowing your message. Does this reporter write for an IT, business, consumer tech or enterprise audience? Understanding and tailoring your message to the audience that they write for ensures that the reporter will write a story and that it will be received favorably. Speaking to a reporter about markets or audiences that they don’t cover is a sure-fire way to end an interview quickly.

3) Know the Background of the Reporter

Set some time aside to read articles written by the reporter you’ll be speaking with. Understand their coverage beat/s, look at their bio, check them out on LinkedIn or X. This knowledge will help you to tailor the discussion because you have a better understanding of their writing style, biases, and knowledge base before the call even starts. And even better…let him/her know that you read their recent story on ‘xyz’ and agree with their conclusions on ‘xyz.’ Ding Ding! Winning!

4) Know Outside Issues and Events That Are Related to Your Story

Give the reporter context by explaining the market landscape. Share industry issues that are causing your customers pain, provide insight into news that has happened recently and connect it with your charter or goals. Never assume the reporter knows what’s happening in the market that is driving your product or solution. Make the connections at the start of the call so that you can set the stage for what you’re about to share.

5) Be Prepared – Practice, Practice, Practice

Want to project confidence on the call? Then practice. Practice is the key to confidence and prepares you in ways you might not have considered. With the proper rehearsal you are able to effectively ‘bridge and block’ when a reporter asks a question that you don’t want to, or are unable to, answer. Rehearse your key messages and responses to potential questions. If you anticipate questions that you can’t answer, practice how you will respond. Practice will help you to refine your message and improve your delivery.

You’re now armed with 5 easy tools that will help you to effectively master a media interview. Now, you can reap the benefits of that new relationship and become a regular go-to resource when new stories come up.

No interviews on the docket – but you wish you had some lined-up to help you get your story in the public’s eye with credibility? We are happy to assist. Drop us a note and we can develop a plan tailor made that will give you the opportunity to tap into your media interview skills.

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